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About Us

We offer the highest quality of care to our clients. We are friendly and knowledgeable and care about all aspects of your treatment. We customize each treatment to meet your specific needs by incorporating a variety of assessment and treatment techniques that are best suited to you as an individual.

As part of our service, we will provide you with knowledge of self-administered pain management techniques such as stretching and strengthening exercises and the use of heat or cold therapy, which will help you get the most out of each treatment.

SHANTI WELL-BEING INC is dedicated to improving the general well-being of all our clients.


Our Types of Treatments

SHANTI WELL-BEING INC is a massage therapy clinic located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Our services include a variety of manual techniques that are designed to relieve the pain and stress related to day to day living, while aiding in the rehabilitation of physical injuries.
Our clients range from all ages including children, adults and seniors.

Direct billing avialble for most health insurance plans and motor vehicle insurance claims.



“I have been a client of Saranga’s for the past 3 years and am thoroughly happy.  I have used her services for both deep tissue / therapeutic massage, as well as pre-natal and she is very skilled in both treatments.  Her treatments leave me feeling relaxed and refreshed with all tension gone.  I also appreciate her friendliness and on-line booking system that is a great convenience.”
Laurae S
 “I started going to Saranga because of injuries caused by running marathons, and now I see her to prevent injuries. If you push your body to the limit in any sport, or even accidentally, I highly recommend Saranga.”
Ron B
“As soon as I found out I was pregnant I began seeing Saranga for Pre-Natal Massages. She has been beyond professional accommodating my pregnancy, knowing which muscles to concentrate on during the varying trimesters, as well as how to handle my growing body. I would highly recommend her for other mom’s to be and those looking to get rid of aching muscle pain.”
Shauna B
“Saranga Bandara is awesome. She knew exactly what areas needed the most work and was able to provide a deep tissue massage that always make my shoulder and neck muscles feeling relaxed and happy.
Super clean and calming atmosphere, and the location is easy to get to. Adequate pricing for incredible service. On-line scheduling system makes it very easy to book appointments. Simply love the place and highly recommend it!”
Larry D
“When I met her and shook her hand, I was skeptical, due to her gentle nature (and hand shake!). My back and shoulders needed some serious work, as I have a desk job! I was very pleasantly surprised when she started the massage. She is MUCH stronger than her hand shake leads on. She focused on the areas that needed it the most, and got serious work done in one hour.”
“When I heard she had a location close to my home, with parking (on 16th Avenue), I re-booked with her. The second massage was just as good, if not better! She is very friendly, professional and excellent at her skill of massaging. I have never been a person who has a ‘massage therapist’, until now. I would highly recommend Saranga at Shanti Wellbeing.”
Jackie M
“I had never been to a massage therapist until I started experiencing terrible shoulder pain. After asking friends who they would recommend, I though I’d give Saranga a try. Saranga was polite and professional, and made me feel so comfortable in each of my sessions. She really listened to my complaints and to how I was feeling, and after a couple weeks of treatment she had me feeling back to normal. I would recommend her to anyone!”
“Saranga is an amazing massage therapist. I have terrible back problems and she always seems to know exactly where and how hard I need the pressure. She saw me threw my last pregnancy and was so accommodating as to how long it took me to turn over and how long I could lay for. She was even willing to accommodate a sitting massage when I couldn’t lay down anymore. I have been seeing Saranga for almost 4 years now and I always look forward to my visits with her. She is also very flexible with her schedule and pretty much accommodates what works for me. I highly recommend her!”
Adina T