The classification of neck pain can differ from person to person. Sometimes it comes from aging, at other times it can be due to your lifestyle. It’s important to pinpoint the reason for the pain you feel in order to see if there are preventative measures you can take at home. It’s also important to provide as much information for your massage therapist so they can effectively help you release the tension along with the buildup of toxins.

What causes neck pain?

Poor posture

Abnormalities in the bone or joints


Degenerative diseases

Pain in the soft tissues like the muscles, tendons and ligaments is the most common type of neck pain. This usually occurs as a direct result of an acute or chronic muscle strain. Sometimes even the way our spine develops can put too much strain onto our necks.

If the spine is more crooked than it should be, the weight of our head will not be distributed evenly between the neck and the shoulders and this causes the weight to be shifted more onto the neck. In the long run, this makes the neck less stable than other areas of the body, more easily strained, and as a result more easily injured.

What causes shoulder pain?

Frozen shoulder

Strains from overexertion

Weakened shoulder joints


Collar or upper arm bone fractures

Pinched nerves

The Role of Massage Therapy

It’s important to realize that massage therapy is a long-term solution for acute and chronic neck and shoulder pain. Ideally, it should be a part of your health and body care regimen. For instance, having a massage after a chiropractic alignment will make sure that your muscles stay relaxed and neutral, so that the alignment your muscles and joints have been put into will stay in place.

Another thing to consider is if you suffer from a particularly tight muscle, then having it treated with a massage therapy before your chiropractic adjustment is the best course of action. Tightness can interfere with alignment and accessibility to your joints could be compromised.

However, you can also solely benefit from massage therapy for this type of pain. A new study shows that timing plays a large role in reducing pain levels in the neck and shoulders as whole. Researchers determined that patients getting one hour of massage three times a week for the first four weeks of their treatment plan show the most gains.

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