One common question we get with regards to massage therapy is: how old is too old? The benefits of massage therapy are obvious with younger patients who lead physically active lives. However, some patients may be intimidated by massage therapy, believing that massage therapy will be too intense for older patients.

What Does Geriatric Care Look Like?

Senior citizens receive care that is in tune with their physical needs. Gentle massaging and stretching will manage pressure to ensure a safe and enjoyable massage. You will be able to communicate with your therapist to ensure a safe and relaxing experience. Your safety and needs will be paramount during the session.

Helping Maintain an Active Lifestyle

Regular massages can help you maintain good health routines, such as regular walks, yoga, or swimming. Massage therapy assists your body’s natural healing process, allowing the muscles to maintain their flexibility, removing knots, and increasing blood flow. You will find that your muscles pull less and that you get fewer injuries. Another good side effect is that you will find that you sleep better!

Existing Conditions

Some patients may be concerned that massages will be harmful or ineffective for people with previously existing conditions. In fact, massage therapy is proven to assist with conditions such as osteoarthritis, Alzheimer’s, degenerative disc disorder, and spinal stenosis. The benefits are not merely physical; regular massage sessions can help you relax and reduce stress, as well as help you maintain a mentally stimulating lifestyle through physical activity.

Natural Benefits

Regular massages have the added benefit of reducing medication use. Our gentle, caring approach is drug free. We can help you manage existing conditions and prevent health problems in the future by maintaining your body’s optimum health. By stretching your muscles and assisting the healing process, we can reduce pain and ensure that your joints keep their natural lubrication. You will notice the increased movement you experience, as well as a reduction in injuries and pain.

If you are an active senior who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle, contact SHANTI WELL-BEING INC today.  We can help you maintain your physical best, the natural way.