Being physically active does wonders for your mind, body and sense of self in the world. That rush after completing a run, a set, or a hike is incomparable to anything else – it is definitely unique. It’s also important that if you’re living a highly physical lifestyle to remember that you can be affected by factors such as strain, aging or contact – depending on the sport(s) you’re involved with.

Massage therapy is usually thought of as an aftercare measure to aid you to a speedy recovery once you’ve been injured. But did you know massage therapy actually reduces your chances of injury and can improve your performance?

Massage Therapy as a Preventative Measure

What exactly does massage therapy do on a preventative front?

Here are just some of the benefits of massage therapy for athletes:

It reduces muscle tension

Improves soft tissue function, your range of motion and your exercise performance

Decreases fatigue, Ceratine Kinase (CK) – a type of inflammation of the muscles—that can come after an intense period of exercise

Decreases muscle soreness an swelling

Improves recovery of diastolic blood pressure and heart rate variability

Helps monitor muscular tone

Promotes relaxation


Professional and collegiate athletes regularly undergo massage therapy treatments to help with their training, performance and ability to recover from injury. A study put out in 2004 monitored the application of treatments being used in major athletic events between 1987-1998. Nearly half of the treatments onsite were massage and physiotherapists that used massage techniques as a way to carry out treatment before and during athletic events.

This turned massage therapy into one of the most popular treatments throughout the ten-year period. Now massage therapists have the ability to be specially registered in sports and athletic events as sports massage therapists or physiotherapists specializing in sports injuries.

Many sports teams now have a physio / massage therapist on their payrolls. They are valued in the sports world and physically active people who take part in regular exercise regimens really benefit from massage therapy as well to stay limber, relaxed and focused!

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