Deep Tissue/Sports Therapy in Calgary

Deep tissue is the interconnected network of fascia that surrounds our muscles and aids our body structure and movement. These deep body structures require a trained therapist with skilled hands to apply the right form of pressure to help alleviate the aches and pain. Since they are so vital to movement they are full of pain receptors, and this in turn means that they are more susceptible to soreness, aches, strains and other issues that cause discomfort.

A deep tissue sports therapy massage is the perfect natural remedy for a sports injury. By releasing the tension, focusing on deeply-embedded trigger points, and controlling the movement of the network of fibres, our trained practitioners can help you prepare, perform, and recover better than you had ever imagined.

What are the benefits of a deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massages manipulate the structure of tissues that are far below the surface of our bodies. The controlled movement and pinpoint pressure undo knots, smooth out restrictions, release hormones, and stretch the muscle out so that they are less tense. The benefits of a deep tissue sports therapy massage are:

  • Less tension – muscles that are tense are not only less effective, they are also prone to injury. Our therapists can help you get the most out of each session and avoid trauma.
  • It releases more chemicals – the pressure applied directly to the muscles will release lactic acid, an acid vital to the production of energy and exercise in general.
  • Increases blood flow – a deeply soothing massage will cause more blood and oxygen to flow throughout your tissue, giving you increased performance.
  • Prevents scar tissue – if you have an injury, then scar tissue will form when you heal. This can lead to pain and loss of mobility if you don’t heal the proper way. A massage will help prevent more tissue from forming and break down what you already have.

How does it feel?

The experience of getting a deep tissue massage has been described as rigorous but deeply soothing. The techniques are roughly similar to lighter massage except that they apply more pressure. The knots and restrictions in your tissue won’t go away easily, and that is why more direct pressure needs to be applied. We find the right mix of force and delicacy to help you get maximum performance from your muscles. Although it is normal to feel mild soreness after a firm massage session, there is rarely anything more than this.

Our trained massage therapists can perform deep tissue massages for sports injuries or other issues, and help your muscles stretch, recover, and perform when you need them. Come visit us today to learn more about how we can help you reach your peak form.

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