Fascial Therapy in Calgary

Deep within our bodies are fibres that work to connect and stabilize the muscles called fascia. When they become filled with tension, limited by scar tissue, or otherwise immobilized, it can make it difficult to maintain normal body movements.

At SHANTI WELL-BEING INC, we specialize in fascial therapy, a unique method of massage that focuses on releasing the tension and mobilizing the fascia and other connective tissues so that you can fully enjoy the flexibility and movement that your body used to have. Our clinic skilfully combines traditional techniques with modern knowledge to optimize your body function and reduce pain.

How does fascial therapy work?

The fascial therapy treatment at SHANTI WELL-BEING INC involves a trained practitioner that will use deep pressure and other techniques to grab and stretch the fascia, thereby altering the underlying structure. This means that your therapist will be able to reduce the restrictions that are preventing them from giving you maximum movement or reduce the pain that they are causing you.

We fully assess your current physical state, and then apply delicate force directly to the area to change the structure of the connective tissue. By stretching, pushing, pulling and a wide range of other motions and techniques, we will break down the restrictions on your joints and muscles so that you can enjoy freedom of movement and get maximum mobility.

Who can benefit from fascial therapy?

Since the fascia are so vital to our everyday movement and the effects of the pain and discomfort so far reaching, just about anyone can benefit from the therapy that we offer. There are some people who will benefit more than others, though. Many of our clients have come to us with:

  • Neck pain
  • Back pain
  • General joint pain
  • Foot pain
  • Injuries and
  • Other general movement issues.

The people who can most benefit from our therapy directly are those who:

  • Have postural issues – posture is vital to the health of our bones and muscles. The connective tissues determine the length and positioning of our muscles, and if they are not in the right spots day in and day out it can cause pain and discomfort. Since many of us live sedentary lives where we sit inside all day, it is even more important to visit a specialist who can help.
  • Movement issues – this is a broad category, but it means anyone who has a dysfunction when it comes to moving muscles, joints, or bones. If you have strength or range of motion issues, then our gentle therapy can help you improve these areas of your well-being.
  • Are physically active – the benefits of exercise on our health and well-being are immense, but the strain that it places on us is undeniable. Fascial therapy can help you get the most out of your muscles, aid in your recovery, make you more flexible, and help prevent injuries. Not only that, but it will take away the pains that often come after a rigorous workout. You won’t miss a beat on your next training session.

Come visit us today in Calgary to learn more about how our fascial therapy treatments can help reduce your pain, give you fuller range of motion, and aid in overall flexibility.

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