Have you ever had your lower back “lock up” on you? This sudden onset of back pain is a hard thing to deal with, especially if you’re an active person on the go. This type of pain reduces a person’s mobility making it difficult to bend, crouch and the pressure on the spine can be felt even while walking.

Why does this happen?

Your spine connects to the sacroiliac joint which connects the bottom of the spine to the pelvis. When your spine feels locked up, it is because it locked in right rotation –either in flexion or extension. Flexion means that your back is locked in a position where you are slightly bent or your back is forward and to the right. Extension is when your back is locked backward and to the right. These are a very painful situations and any kind of movement can aggravate the pain further.

What do you do?

You need to “unlock” the locked parts of your back by freeing up joint space. As an immediate measure, you can do flexion and extension exercises to take the pressure off the spine however; you must be very careful as your spine is in a fragile state and cannot take any more pressure. It’s always best to speak to your physician or consult an authority on the web before attempting exercises.

How massage therapy can help

Massage therapy, especially fascial therapy in this case, can help to relieve pressure for longer periods of time and improve your range of motion. At Shanti Well Being, we will assess the severity of your back pain and use fasical therapy techniques to move the connective tissue to free up joint space. This will remove restrictions, reduce your pain and get you moving again. Having fascial therapy sessions will also bring you to a level where you will be able to complete the appropriate back exercises as a preventative measure, to ensure that your back doesn’t lock up the same way again.

If you are suffering from severe back pain to the point where your joints feel locked up, book an appointment and come see me as soon as possible!