Car accidents are scary situations that often result in long-term injuries to muscles, joints, ligaments and even our internal organs. This type of trauma can present a spectrum of injuries, and physical symptoms like chronic pain, vertigo and head and neck tension that can have a deep impact on a person’s physical and psychological wellbeing.

Mental effects of car accident trauma include anxiety, depression, and fear associated with driving, PTSD, and more. If injuries are not treated effectively in the beginning, both physical and psychological effects can be felt long term. Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM) initiatives like massage therapy are safe and targeted treatments that can provide relief of acute and chronic conditions that result from car accidents.

What massage therapy can do

Massage therapy can target areas of the body that have been subjected to injury or strain to promote a faster recovery. Doctors usually treat open wounds, discover any neural injuries or internal injuries to vital organs. While these preliminary treatments are highly effective, they do not always seek out injuries that present themselves deep within the body like in a person’s muscles and tissues.

Massage therapy will:

  •      Soften scar tissue
  •      Release chronic pain and compressed areas
  •      Induce relaxation to combat mental effects
  •      Help you sleep better
  •      Re-align muscles
  •      Help internal injury recovery

How it works

An initial assessment by a massage therapist will indicate the areas that need to be worked on. Then, your registered massage therapist (RMT) will work with you to rehabilitate you from this trauma over a series of sessions. The extent and damage can only be seen after medical assistance — so this is the best time to seek CAM treatments.

With proper management and the right support, massage therapy can heal emotional, physical and psychological wounds brought on by recent or past car accidents.

If you or somebody you know has recently been affected by car accident, please book an appointment to begin the process of healing today.