The demands of life in modern society often put more strain our bodies than we think. Sure we don’t have to perform manual labour as much as people did in the past, but there are many factors that contribute daily to giving us aches and pains. Posture, overexertion, or staring at a computer screen all day can make your joints and muscles ache. Regular massage therapy for neck, shoulder, and back pain can help keep the pain away all day and even help stop the sources of it. Here’s more info:

How do massages help?

The goal of every professional massage therapy centre is to help their clients get rid of their pains, relax, and live a more comfortable life. When you come in to Shanti Wellness Centre, we will utilize soothing massage techniques to deliver pain relief to all parts of your body. The main causes of neck, shoulder and back pain are:

  • Bad posture
  • Strain from work or exercise
  • Pinched nerves
  • Strain from overuse
  • Improper sleeping positions

…And many more. With a full treatment, we will help get rid of your pain and even help correct some of the causes that make you feel it. Our massages help by:

  • Increasing blood flow – Increasing blood flow to sore or stiff joints like your shoulders can help ward off pain by warming them up.
  • Increases hormones – Studies have shown that massages release more natural pain-killing hormones in the body. Oxcytocin levels, for example, have been shown to increase after therapy sessions.
  • Removing knots – Pressure on the key points in the body that are causing your pain (mainly muscles) can help remove knots or pinches that are giving you problems on a daily basis.
  • They ease stress – It is no doubt that stress can really be an obstacle in your daily life. A full body massage decreases stress levels and helps the body relax. Muscles that are less tense won’t ache as much.

Chronic pain in the neck, shoulders and back affects millions of people every day, and most are still not aware that a visit to a natural wellness centre could be exactly what they need. Get rid of pain, medication, and stress with massage therapy for neck, shoulder, and back pain today at SHANTI WELL-BEING INC.