Stress is a part of our daily lives, whether we experience it in big or small ways but as adults it is easy to forget that stress impacts us our whole lives and that children begin to experience it from younger than one year of age. There are different types of anxiety that affect adolescence today, from specific disorders like separation anxiety and ‘stranger anxiety’, displayed in infants when they meet new people for the first time; to generalized anxiety disorder, triggered by factors such as parental relationship dynamics and social issues, most commonly bullying.

There are many ways to help children and teens learn to manage stress and anxiety, which can stem from worrying about things like school, family issues and peer pressure. One natural solution to help youth of all ages manage their stress levels and aid in diminishing anxiety is pediatric relaxation massage therapy.

Symptoms of anxiety in youth:


Feeling overly worried about real and imaginary scenarios

Loss or disruption of sleep

Difficulty leaving parents (separation anxiety)

Physical symptoms could include: sweating, shaking, muscle tension, headaches and / or shortness of breath

What pediatric relaxation massage therapy can do?

Combining ancient knowledge with modern techniques, relaxation massage triggers bodily pressure points that have been practiced for thousands of years and a skilled massage therapist will use their hands, fingers and other extremities to identify restrictions to the flow of your life energy (your Qi) and apply gentle pressure in varying rhythms to massage them out. This gentle massaging method can be done fully clothed which is often comforting for adolescence that may be dealing with anxiety related to body image issues.

Relaxation massage therapy will:

Relieve Stress

Relieve or reduce pain

Induce relaxation to combat mental effects of anxiety

Improve sleep

Re-align muscles

Pediatric Relaxation Massage

An initial assessment by a massage therapist will indicate the areas that need to be worked on. Then, your registered massage therapist (RMT) will work with you to rehabilitate you from this trauma over a series of sessions. The extent and damage can only be seen after medical assistance — so this is the best time to seek CAM treatments.

With proper management and the right support, massage therapy can heal emotional, physical and psychological wounds brought on by recent or past car accidents.

If you or somebody you know has recently been affected by car accident, please book an appointment to begin the process of healing.