Plantar fasciitis is a painful foot condition that affects the shock-absorbing curved string of muscles and connective tissues that provide elasticity and flexibility in the arch of the foot. When too much tension is put onto this ‘bowstring’ it results in tears in the fascia. These tears eventually get worse from prolonged stretching and can become irritated, inflamed and cause quite a lot of pain!


Symptoms generally include a pain of a stabbing-like nature that occurs right at the bottom of the foot close to the heel. Those who suffer from Plantar fasciitis tend to feel it most in the morning while their waking up and take the first few steps of their day. Pain can however also be triggered when a person is on their feet for long periods of time or when a person suddenly stands up after being seated for a long time.


Age is one of the most common reasons why people develop plantar fasciitis. It commonly affects those between ages 40 and 60 years old. Activities that put a lot of stress onto the heels can also accelerate this condition – particularly affecting runners, dancers and people who have occupations that require them to be on their feet continuously.

Other reasons why plantar fasciitis develops is due to being flat footed, having a high arch or an uneven distribution of weight onto your feet while standing. Those who are obese or overweight, may also be more likely to develop this condition.

How a massage can help

Fascial therapy can help in a few ways if you have plantar fasciitis. It can…

Provide a gentle therapy to bring down swelling and to reduce the pain

Alter the underlying structure of the foot and improve its physical state

Break down the restrictions of the joints

If you’re feeling this sort of pain – do not wait any longer. Come see me to work out a plan to reduce your pain and get you back on your feet doing what you love!