Massages may be a thing you do once in a while as a nice treat for yourself – but having one regularly can do a lot more for you than you’d think. It’s important to consider that medically, massage therapy is outcome-based. This means, if you are having any kind of problem, it can be targeted to help it – from simply relieving tension in your shoulders to more specific goals such as lymphatic drainage.

Even if you do not have a specific health problem, massage therapy can increase your overall well-being. Think about it like this: We are constantly on the move – but we don’t necessarily get to activate or exercise all parts of our bodies as deeply as we should.

Here’s what massage therapy can do for you on the regular.

Great After a Long Work Week

Do you find you sit at your desk all day, you sit in your car to and from, you’re the first person to grab a seat on public transportation, you sit on your couch with your dog after work – you basically just do a lot of sitting?

Since your range of motion is restricted to your upper body, this can cause postural stress in your shoulders and neck! Especially if you’re a desk worker typing away all day, this pain tends to manifest during prolonged periods of sitting.

Counteracting this imbalance is key and scheduling a massage once every couple of works can make a huge difference for your body.

Helps with Mental Health

We tend to play many roles in our lives in our home, work and community environments. Sometimes life can sneak up on you and you may end up finding that you’re moving homes, working on a big project at work and you’re getting married – within the same 3 months.

Pace yourself, and take time to take care of your body during intense periods. Anxiety can flare up when you have a lot on your plate or tiredness can bring on the blues. Having a massage will bring your body into a stable state necessary for moving through dense periods.

Knowing you’re taking care of your body and emotional well-being will be beneficial long after the massage session. Make it a part of your health regimen and experience a wonderful sense of renewal.

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