When thinking of massages, many people have limited knowledge beyond the scope of relaxation and release. A massage can be much more than removing tension from the mind, body, and soul. In truth, many who seek massages do so with the purpose of alleviating chronic pain.

The massage therapy options at SHANTI WELL-BEING INC offer a multitude of massage techniques aimed at restoring you to a pain-free existence and getting you on your feet towards a productive life.

Therapeutic massage is done with the purpose of loosening muscle tissue that is tight, releasing knots of pain and fascial adhesions for muscle recovery and lengthening. This process is a great option for those suffering from deep aches and pains, or those recovering from an injury. By targeting the problem areas head on, restoration is only a few sessions away.

Another massage treatment we offer is known as fascial therapy. This procedure targets the fascial adhesions and scar tissue. By manipulating the fascia, the body will find a restored posture. We also offer you options in relation to the severity of your pain.

We also offer a deep tissue massage, often referred to as sports therapy. This process uses moderate pressure around the tendons for relief. This also lengthens the muscle tissue, aiding with recovery.

Chronic pain is a serious issue. It’s a constant nagging away at your body, which wears down your mind and tires out your soul. We are here to bring you relief. Whatever the problematic area is, we have a solution that does not include surgery and painkillers. Instead, using massage techniques that have outlasted most medical practices, we provide a safe and easy alternative to pain management.

Contact us today for more information about how SHANTI WELL-BEING INC can help you get on the path to your new, pain free life. We promise nothing but the best care and attention to detail when dealing with your pain.